How Bing is Helping Companies Improve Their Reputation by Jerry Hart

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ereputation-jerry-hartThis was a huge surprise to hear Siri’s new partner in mobile search: Bing.

When iOS 7 is released this fall, Apple will be switching from Google to Microsoft’s Bing for Siri’s default Web search functions. While the move is unlikely to put a dent in Google’s share of Web searches, it could provide a big boost to Microsoft, whose search platform trails Google—and by a wide margin.This update will be universal across the iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

Bing continues to improve overall market share, having posted another month of positive change in April’s core search share report. April was the first month Bing reached 17%+.

jerry-hart-ereputationAs Bing grows market share and builds its fan base, businesses are recommended to measure the volume of traffic from Bing.

A few highlights for Companies

  • Pay attention to keyword ranking opportunities to boost your website ranking with Bing.
  • Implement tools like Google Analytics, Google Webmaster Tools, etc, to monitor the metrics of where you rank within Bing
  • What is paramount about this news is the social buzz Bing propels with the partnership Bing has with Facebook’s social graph. Fostering user generated content from customers, prospects, and followers continues to trend as a major factor in higher ranking. Bank on seeing the search engines publish more of this social activity and recommendations more and more within mobile results just as we’ve seen in desktop results.
  • As algorithms warm up to searchers who use conversation or natural language queries and semantic web results, look closely at your FAQ sections and simplify – for example, Who do I speak to about Pre-Owned Vehicle information? How much is a certified pre-owned Lexus?


Jerry Hart

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